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We love the products and markets that others find boring. We specialize in niche markets and develop sustainable products and tech infrastructure for fast growth. Our portfolio brands export to more than 30 different countries around the globe. Our products have been sold in more than 5,000 stores of the biggest retail and wholesale companies in the world like METRO, ALDI, LIDL, MIGROS, INTERMARCHÉ, and many more.

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Our approach

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We love testing new ideas with a small first investment. We love teams which are working hands on. We also worked in the warehouse day and night in the early days. Less money helps building better decisions and creating a solid base for further growth.

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We scaled companies from zero to multi-million revenue companies. We already sold products to the most relevant online and offline channels and therefore can help to make the right decisions. We increase our financial investments and help to raise further capital as soon as we see a solid product-market-fit. Our companies exported products to more than 30 different countries around the globe. We can help to internationalize.

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We are not intersted in burning money. Our first priority is to build solid companies and processes which last longterm. Our companies aim for solid growth and stability. We do not invest in longterm burning "growth" companies. We are looking for opportunities which can generate a profit and therefore our main goal is not exit.


Industries we invested in

E-Learning & Education

Our education apps have six-figure download numbers and counting. Millions of people are using our learning tools every month. Our books reached the top 30 overall book ranking on Amazon and can be found on the shelves of all major bookstores in Germany.

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Pest Control & Cleaning

Most of our product packaging is made from renewable resources and we try to increase the availability of plant-based ingredients in our products. Hundreds of thousands of customers love our products, which protect them from pests.

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Disposable Tableware

We are trying to make a difference and are building one of the fastest-growing sustainable e-commerce companies for disposable tableware and packaging in Europe. Our company has been awarded by the German government and the EU.

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